Delmarva-New Jersey Ruritan District
Fellowship, Goodwill, Community Service


Associate Membership

Associate membership in Ruritan has been established to provide an opportunity for individuals and businesses that are not available to attend club meetings as a regular member, but who want to be affiliated with Ruritan and show their support of the community-improving work Ruritans do.

Associate members will receive the following:
  1. A subscription to the National Magazine
  2. Lapel pin (one per membership)
  3. Business plaque stating "This business is a Ruritan supporter"
    (optional for businesses only)
  4. Club Newsletter (subject to availability and club policy)
  5. Membership card

If the name of the applicant is submitted by a Club Secretary indicating club and board approval, the new Associate member will be listed as an Associate Member of that club. Their lack of attendance will not affect the club’s ability to achieve goals like the Blue Ribbon status and Outstanding President’s Award.

If application comes directly to National from the applicant the name will be forwarded to the club the applicant specifies as first choice for club and board approval. If no club is specified the name will be forwarded to a club chosen by Ruritan National. Once again, any club taking in Associate Members will not be penalized by attendance or lack of attendance by that member.

Associate members pay only national dues (currently $40/year) plus a one-time initiation fee of $3 paid-in-advance. If you have questions, please contact us today.
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